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     ✤When confronted with Bible prophecy, some people have no interest at all, while others may be confused.

     ✤What you are about to hear or read is in 5 parts.

     ✤The first four parts are brief.

     THE FIRST PART is a list of biblical terms with their definitions dealing with the latter days we are now in.

     THE SECOND PART is what does it mean to be saved according to God's Word. This needs to be brought forth, because so many churches prior to the Rapture taught different things, and most people that were sure they were saved were left behind.

     THE THIRD PART is an explanation of the 4 major churches that exist in the times we are now living. People in all 4 of these churches have the chance to be raptured.

     THE FOURTH PART is an introduction to the broadcast.

     THE FIFTH AND LAST PART IS A RADIO NEWS BROADCAST OF THE COMPLETE TRIBULATION AND ARMAGEDDON. It considers every verse known in the Bible on these two subjects. Unique about this broadcast is that it was put together as if it was being done from the Millennium. It looks back at all that has happened, rather than forward to things that will happen. It looks back at the return of Jesus Christ, Who is come in the flesh.